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How will I collect my ticket ?

You should turn up at the appointed meeting time and place and the event organiser will make themselves known to you.

Will there be drinks before theatre and concerts ?

Yes occasionally there will be a meeting in a bar or a pub before an event , please note that this will be in addition to the allocated meeting point at the venue . Drinks may be arranged afterwards , however there is nothing to stop the attendees making plans to enjoy an after show drink together even if they are not formally organised.

What happens in the event of a cancellation ?

If the event is cancelled by a third party theatre / concert hall etc , all attendees will be informed by email and text of the cancellation as soon as the information is known to us. A full refund will be organized if this happens. If an organiser is unable to make it , attempts will be made to find another organiser , if this is not possible details of how to collect tickets/arrangements on the night will be emailed/texted to you.

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