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Who Us ??

‘Somewhere people assemble , congregate for amusement, diversion and pleasure
Somewhere always to treasure
King's ransom it isn’t
Hoity toity it tisn't
For people who are picky about their leisure!’

This 'whatever it is' has been an unofficial endeavour/venture over the last 5 years , But have been persuaded by friends to expand it and go formal with it. So Crowded Pier was born with a mission to pursue the best in culture of all types, eating and drinking , short domestic and foreign city and country breaks. But at the same item searching for the best value without compromising on excellence. It's also a place for friends to meet up and discover new chums as well. Come and step onto the pier!

Crowded Pier Limited
© 2013 Crowded Pier. All Rights reserved. Artwork 'Pier' By Nick Orsborn. Photo By Matthew Andrews.