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You find the items where the "pier will always be crowded".Sharon, London/Hove
One of my most memorable nights of 2011Janet, Ditchling

Welcome to Crowded Pier

Passionate about pursuing a vibrant lifestyle, ablaze with new cultural adventures and the opportunities to meet new friends and fun loving accomplices!

HedonistShoulders - We are headoverheels enthusiastic about selecting the best in culture & socialising in Brighton & Hove and throughout the rest of Sussex.

There are also many fantastic smaller events going on locally as well which often don’t receive the attention they deserve. From small & innovative theatre companies to bands on the verge of breaking into the big time ; many have received glowing reviews in the media or less well known but influential publications, others are tried & tested and keep us coming back for more!

We also encourage everyone to contribute events to the programme, these are all very gratefully received. So if you hold a torch for Tosca, fancy a punt on Pinter, or even partial to a pogo rather than a pirouette of an evening,      Step onto the pier !

© 2014 Crowded Pier. All Rights reserved. Artwork 'Pier' By Nick Orsborn. Photos By Gisela Francisco & Adrian Jackson.